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Contents Under Pressure: About the Game

Contents Under Pressure is a process-safety themed game where players get to make real-world safety judgments in a chemical process while interacting with virtual characters. The intention of the game is help players reflect on their safety judgments and to better understand the complexity of making those judgments in authentic situations, such that they can develop skills to help them in the future.

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Engineering Process Safety Research Instrument: Assessing Students’ Moral Reasoning in Process Safety Contexts

General Abstract

Process safety decision making is a key component of undergraduate chemical engineering education. Despite this, there are no existing survey instruments designed to measure students’ moral reasoning in the context of process safety decision making. The Engineering Process Safety Research Instrument (EPSRI) was developed to address this deficit in process safety assessment. The EPSRI was modeled after existing moral reasoning instruments including the DIT2, EERI, and ESIT. The process safety scenarios included were drawn from personal experience and reports from the Chemical Safety Board. Each scenario in the instrument was followed by a decision prompt and 12–15 considerations.

Article Highlights

  • Factor analysis developed Engineering Process Safety Research Instrument (EPSRI).
  • Instrument evaluates moral reasoning among senior chemical engineering students.
  • EPSRI sensitive enough to measure impacts of ethics interventions.

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